Master Spell List

*	Wild Magic
**	Researched Spell
 	Necromancy Spell

(Note, there are still spells missing from the list...  notably some
Greyhawk Spells and Spelljammer Spells.  Note also that simply because a 
spell appears on this list, does not mean you have access to it.  If you
have any doubts, clear it with Dan first.  This list is for convenience.
It is not canon.)

Spells designated for research at earliest opportunity:
	Anti-Magic Aura (for large creatures)
	Taylor's Spell Terminator (metamagic, end spell at will)
	Improved Lower Resistance
	Death Surge
	Anti-Psionic Shell (from Sharangar)

First Level

Affect Normal Fires Alarm Anesthetize ** Animate Dead Animals Armor Audible Glamor Bigby's Dexterous Digits Burning Hands Cantrip Catapult Change Self Charm Person Chill Touch Chromatic Orb Catapult Coldfire Bolt ** Color Spray Comprehend Languages Conjure Spell Component Copy Corpse Light Corpse Link Corpse Visage Dancing Lights Detect Disease Detect Magic Detect Undead Divining Rod Drawmij's Swift Mount Enlarge Erase Exterminate Feather Fall Find Familiar Fire Burst Fist of Stone Friends Gather Light ** Gaze Reflection Grease Hold Portal Hornung's Guess* Hypnotism Identify Jump Know School Lasting Breath Light Locate Remains Magic Missile Mending Message Metamorphose Liquids Mount Murdock's Feathery Flyer Nahal's Reckless Dweomer* Nystul's Magical Aura Otto's Chime of Release Patternweave* Perception (Dream Magic) Phantasmal Force Protection From Evil Protection From Hunger and Thirst Rary's Empthic Perception Read Magic Scatterspray Shield Shocking Grasp Sleep Snilloc's Snowball Sparksense ** Spectral Voice Spider Climb Spook Taunt Tenser's Floating Disk Unseen Servant Ventriloquism Wall of Fog Wizard Mark

Second Level

Agannazar's Scorcher Alter Self Bind Bladethirst Blindness Blur Camoflauge Chaos Shield* Choke Cloak From Undead Cloak Undead Conjure Mental Fortitude (Dream Magic) Continual Light Darkness 15' Radius Deafness Death Recall Decastave Deeppockets Detect Evil Detect Invisibility Detect Life Drawmij's Breath of Life Eavesdrop ** Embalm ESP Filter Flaming Sphere Flying Fist Fog Cloud Fool's Gold Forget Ghoul Touch Ghost Pipes Glitterdust Hornung's Baneful Deflector Hypnotic Pattern Ice Knife Improved Phantasmal Force Insatiable Thirst Invisibility Irritation Knock Know Alignment Leomund's Trap Levitate Living Link Locate Object Locate Portal Magic Mouth Maximilian's Earthen Grasp Melf's Acid Arrow Mirror Image Misdirection Mordenkainen's Encompassing Vision Nahal's Nonsensical Nullifier* Ottiluke's Acid Cloud Past Life Protection From Cantrips Protection From Paralysis Pyrotechnics Quimby's Enchanting Gourmet Rary's Aptitude Appropriator Ray of Enfeeblement Ride the Wind Rope Trick Scare Seeking Sense Shifting Shatter Silence 15' Radius Skeletal Hands Snilloc's Snowball Storm Spectral Hand Stinking Cloud Strength Summon Swarm Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter Undead Mount Vocalize Web Whispering Wind Wizard Lock

Third Level

Airsphere Alacrity Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown Alternate Reality Augmentation I Blacklight Blink Bone Club Bone Dance Chillfire Clairaudience Clairvoyance Coldfire Ball ** Delay Death Delude Dire Charm Dispel Magic Dispel Silence Drawmij's Marvelous Shield Drawmij's Iron Sack Enhance Ship Rating Explosive Runes False Face Far Reaching I Feign Death Fireball Fireflow* Flame Arrow Fly Fool's Speech* Ghost Armor Gust of Wind Haste Hold Person Hold Undead Hold Vapor Hovering Skull Icelance Illusionary Script Infravision Invisibility 10' Radius Invisible Mail Item Iron Mind Laeral's Dancing Dweomer Leomund's Tiny Hut Lightning Bolt Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow Mask Enchantment ** Maximilian's Stony Grasp Melf's Minute Meteors Mind Reading Minor Malison Monster Summoning I Mummy Touch Nchaser's Glowing Globe Nightscar Nondetection Odeen's Secret Word Ottiluke's Acid Cloud Ottiluke's Force Umbrella Pain Touch Paralyze Phantom Steed Proof From Teleportation Protection From Evil 10' Radius Protection From Normal Missiles Revenance Secret page Sepia Snake Sigil Skull Watch Skulltrap Snapping Teeth Slow Speak** Spectral Force Spirit Armor Squaring the Circle Suggestion Tenser's Deadly Strike (???) Tenser's Improved Strength Tongues Transfer Mental Fortitude (Dream Magic) Unmask Vampiric Touch Ward Against Undead Water Breathing Watery Double Waves of Weariness Whirling Dervish Wind Wall Wizard Sight Wraithform

Fourth Level

Beltyn's Burning Blood Boneform (Lich Book) Bone Seize (Lich Book... ???) Brainkill Caligarde's Claw Charm Monster Confusion Contagion Crystal Vision ** Death Drain ** Detect Magic Resistance ** Detect Scrying Dig Dilation I Dimension Door Divination Enhancement Divine Mythal Drawjmi's Instant Exit Duplicate Emotion Empathic Wound Transfer Enchanted Weapon Encrypt Enervation Evard's Black Tentacles Extension I Far Reaching II Fear Fire Aura Fire Charm Fire Gate Fire Shield Fire Trap Fuse Material ** Fumble Greater Malison Hallucinatory Terrain Halo of Eyes Harpoon ** Ice Shards ** Ice Storm Illusionary Wall Illykur's Mantle Improved Alter Self Improved Invisibility Improved Vampiric Touch Leomund's Secure Shelter Lich Armor (Improved Spirit Armor) (Black) Lightning Aura Locate Creature Magic Mirror Mask of Death Massmorph Minor Creation Minor Globe of Invulnerability Minor Spell Turning Missile Mastery Monster Summoning II Mordenkainen's Celerity Nystul's Steaming Sphere Nystul's Blacklight Burst Nystul's Lightburst Odeen's Impenetrable Lock Ottiluke's Dispelling Screen Ottiluke's Resilient Sphere Otto's Silver Tongue Otto's Warding Tones Phantasmal Killer Phase Trap Plague Plant Growth Polymorph Other Polymorph Self Preserve Solid Flame ** Quantify Magical Emanations ** Rainbow Pattern Rary's Memory Alteration Rary's Mind Scan Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer Remove Curse Scatapult ** Shadow Monsters Shout Solid Fog Sparkburst Spectral Wings Spendelard's Chaser Stoneskin Summon Lycanthrope Summon Spirit Tenser's Giant Strength Tenser's Master of Arms (???) Tenser's Flaming Blade There/Not There* Thunder Lance Thunder Staff Turn Pebble to Boulder Unluck Vacancy Vary Reality Wall of Fire Wall of Ice Wall of Sand Watchware Wind Breath Wizard Eye

Fifth Level

Advanced Illusion Age Object Airy Water Alter Memory Animal Growth Animate Dead Aura Purge Avoidance Bigby's Interposing Hand Bind Undead Bond Extension ** Bone Blight Bowgentle's Fleeting Journey Chaos Cloudkill Conduit Cone of Cold Conjure Elemental Contact Other Plane Create Portal Deciciveness ** Demi-Shadow Monsters Dimensional Tether ** Dismissal Dispel Screen ** Distance Distortion Domination Doommist ** Dream Enhance Maneuverability Extension II Fabricate False Vision Far Reaching III Feeblemind Flyfield Force Shapechange Graft Flesh Hold Monster Heal Undead Improved Non-Detection ** Improved Skull Watch Invulnerability to Normal Weapons Ironguard Khazid's Procurement Know Value Leomund's Lamentable Belaborment Leomund's Secret Chest Lower Resistance Lure ** Magic Jar Magic Staff Major Creation Mind Fog Mind Reading Modify Memory (Sharangar) Monster Summoning III Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum Mummy Rot Nulathoe's Ninemen Nystul's Radiant Arch Ottiluke's Dispelling Screen Ottiluke's Electrical Screen Ottiluke's Polar Screen Ottiluke's Radiant Screen Ottiluke's Force Umbrella Passwall Patternshatter ** Presper's Moonbow Protection From Notice Rary's Replay of the Past Rary's Superior Spell Enhancer Rary's Telepathic Bond Safeguarding Second Chance * ** Secure Seeming Sending Shadow Door Shadow Magic Shroud of Flame Snilloc's Major Missile Stone Shape Stonehide ** Summon Shadow Taylor's Improved Flight ** Telekinesis Teleport Tenser's Primal Fury (???) Throbbing Bones Transit Tracer Transmute Rock to Mud Transport Tracer ** Undead Regeneration Von Gasik's Refusal Vortex* Wall of Bones Wall of Force Wall of Iron Wall of Stone Ward Against Charms Waveform*

Sixth Level

Air of Permanency ** Animate Dread Animate Dread Skull Animate Blood (???) Antimagic Shell Augmentation II Bigby's Forceful Hand Blackmantle Blade of Doom Bloodstone's Spectral Steed Bones of the Earth (Lich Book, ???) Chain Lightning Claws of the Umber Hulk Conjure Animals Construct Undead Contingency Control Weather Corpse Host Create Minor Helm Dampen ** Dead Man's Eyes Death Fog Death Spell Demishadow Magic Dilation II Disable Helm Disintegrate Dragon Scales Enchant an Item Ensnarement Extension III Eyebite Forest's Fiery Constrictor Geas Ghouls Gauntlet Glassee Globe of Invulnerability Grimwalds Greymantle Guards and Wards Herald ** Imbue Undead With Spell Ability Invisible Stalker Invulnerability to Magical Weapons Legend Lore Lich Touch Lightning Arrow ** Loloveim's Shadowy Transformation Lower Water Martek's Superstrength ** Mass Suggestion Mirage Arcana Mislead Monster Sumoning IV Mordenkainen's Lucubration Move Earth Ottiluke's Diamond Screen Ottiluke's Freezing Sphere Ottiluke's Excruciating Screen Ottiluke's Orb of Containment Ottiluke's Force Umbrella Part Water Permanent Illusion Power Word Silence Programmed Illusion Project Image Reconstruction Reincarnation Repulsion Resistance Barrier ** Seal Enchantment Shades Spirit Wrack Stone to Flesh Rumor ** Tatoo of Power Teleport Dead Teleport Other Tenser's Fortunes of War (???) Tenser's Transformation Tentacles Timeheal Transmute Air to Poisonous, Flammable Vapor ** Transmute Bone to Steel Transmute Water to Dust True Seeing Turnshadow Veil Wildshield * Wildstrike *

Seventh Level

Acid Storm Animate Monstrous Dread Banish Genie Banishment Beacon ** Bigby's Grasping Hand Bloodstone's Frightful Joining Cacofiend Charm Plants Control Undead Create Major Helm Delayed Blast Fireball Drawjmi's Instant Summons Duo-Dimension Finger of Death Forcecage Gemjump Hatch the Stone from the Egg Hornung's Surge Selector * Improved Contingency Intensify Summoning Lifesurge ** Limited Wish Malec-Keth's Flame Fist Mass Invisibility Monster Summoning V Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Mordenkainen's Sword Ottiluke's Death Screen Ottiluke's Seige Sphere Phase Door Power Word Stun Prismatic Spray Reverse Gravity Ruby Ray of Reversal Sequester Shadow Walk Shadowcat Simulacrum Spectral Guard Sharangar's Anti-Magic Shell Speed * ** Spell Shape * Spell Trap Spell Turning Statue Steal Enchantment Suffocate Teleport Without Error Transmission ** True Name Vanish Vision Wildspark * ** Wound Conferral Zombie Double

Eigth Level

Abi-Dhalzim's Horrid Wilting Airboat Antipathy-Sympathy Augmentation III ** Aura of Propriety ** Bigby's Clenched Fist Bigby's Most Excellent Force Sculpture (??) Binding Clone Clone Shell ** Collapse Portal Conjure Bane ** Contingency Other Contract ** Create Atmosphere Dagger Dance of Death ** Death Link Death Shroud Defoliate Demand Destroy Minor Helm Dispel Field ** Fear Ward Fire Aura ** Gateway Ghoul Lattice (Lich Book, ???) Glassteel Graft Flesh (Lich Book, ???) Great Shout Greater Aura of Lichdom ** Gunther's Kaleidoscopic Strike Homunculus Shield Hornung's Random Dispatcher* Improved Teleport Without Error Incendiary Cloud Information Suppression ** Life Force Transfer Mass Charm Mass Lower Resistance ** Maze Mind Blank Monster Summoninv VI Ottiluke's Telekinetic Sphere Otto's Irresistable Dance Permanency Polymorph Any Object Power Word Blind Prismatic Wall Screen Serathin's Outer Planar Arcane Conduit ** Serten's Spell Immunity Shadow Form Shroud of Free Will ** Sink Spell Engine Sunburst Symbol Trap the Soul Wildflame * ** Wildzone*

Ninth Level

Arcane Congression ** Astral Spell Bigby's Crushing Hand Blindar's Big Bang ** Chain Contingency Crystalbrittle Death Ward Destroy Major Helm Elemental Aura Elminster's Evasion Energy Drain Estate Transference Familiar Shield ** Foresight Gate Glorious Transmutation Hearth Ward ** Imprisonment Life Force Exchange Master Undead Lifeproof MartekUs Mighty Anchor MartekUs Mutable Manifestation Monster Summoning VII Mordenkainen's Disjunction Power Word Kill Prismatic Sphere Shape Change Meteor Swarm Shadowsoul ** Spellbomb ** Spellstrike Spell Invulnerability Stabilize* StoneWard ** Succor Summon Wizshade * ** Taylor's Conjunction ** Taylor's Feathertouch ** Temporal Stasis Time Stop Wail of the Banshee Wardsphere ** Wardweird * ** Weird Wildfire* Wildwind* Wish World Walk

Known Unknown Spells

Weirdshield (Phaerimm Magic) Create Watchghost

Southern Magic

Barrier Breathe Ignite Flame Ladder Ward Damage Mirror Move Object Run Thunderball Tumble Foothold Protection from Telekinesis Target Witchweed Agitate Wounds Command Elemental Dune Slumber Deathguard Etherealness Mummy Sandstorm Deathguard Etherealness Mummy Sandstorm Enfeeble Javelin Reverse Missile Worship Resist Injury Time Loop Trick Bombard Deathbolt Devastate 9th level: Army Call Soul Shift